Pre- Sale Building inspection

Your Pre-Sale Inspection can be the most powerful selling tool.

A Pre-Sale inspection carried out by a reliable, insured, professional company can make the sales process very transparent and provide confidence to everyone. A Pre-Sale inspection can cover you against claims of misrepresenting your property and concealing defects.

A Pre-Sale inspection report is a written document on the condition of your property and identifies problems that you may wish to rectify prior to listing protecting your selling price.

If the Building Inspection reveals problems then the decision is yours as to whether you make the necessary repairs or adjust the selling price to suit. The benefit is, there will be no last minute holdups with nasty surprise findings from purchasers. You will be in control of the sale with the confidence of knowing the condition of the property you are selling.

A Pre-Sale Inspection by Buildwise Certification covers:

  • Roof System External – Includes roof, flashings, valleys, gutters, downpipes, eaves and fascia.
  • Roof Void- Roof framing, insulation and sarking.
  • Interior. – Ceiling, walls, windows, doors, floors, woodwork, built-in wardrobes
  • Kitchen- Fixtures, tiles, sink and taps.
  • Bathrooms- Shower/bath condition, tiles, basin and taps, vanity, ventilation.
  • Laundry- General condition, tub and taps, tiles.
  • Toilets- Condition and tiles
  • Exterior- External walls, weep holes and vents, lintels, windows, external stairs, dampcourse.
  • Verandas, Patios , Decks Pergolas
  • Sub floor- Access available, condition, ventilation
  • Footings- Type and condition
  • Garage/Carport Outbuildings
  • Site- Driveway, fences and gates, paths and paved areas, swimming pool and fencing, drainage.
  • Services- Water lines and pressure, hot water service.