So you just want an easier way to organise a building project!!!

Are you aware that Local Council is not the only Authority able to approve building projects?

Private Certifiers are an Alternative to Local Council and can approve many building projects without the need to contact council. If your Building Approval requires anything from Council, Buildwise can guide you on how to get this with the least amount of hassle. We can even provide the necessary forms.

Not only can we approve a lot of building projects, for example:
New homes, Renovations, Additions , Sheds, Garages, Carports, Decks, Verandahs, Patio, Pergolas, Swimming Pools and Spas, we do the Critical Stage Inspections on site as you build.

Merv Prendergast, our Principal Certifier is trade qualified, working in the Building Industry for years before choosing to train as a Certifier. Merv has around 30 years’ experience a lot of it in Local Councils and 7 years in Private Practice. Doug Chester is a Licenced Builder and worked in the industry for years and has returned, training as a Certifier.

Our Certifiers know that everything doesn’t always go to plan when building. They know how to look at a situation and help you to find a hands on solution, to a problem, where possible.

This means they can talk to you in real, common sense terms, in a way you’ll understand.

From the first phone call you make to us, we will set you on the right path. We will provide you with the knowledge to make decisions. If you decide to use our services, we can guide you through the process, help you find the easiest ways, help you find information you need and other services available you may need.

Instead of wondering if this would be a simpler way for you to start moving on your project, or just to find out about a project that’s only at thinking stage, contact us and let us help you to sort the worries out.

Buildwise Certification offers a FREE, NO OBLIGATION first consultation.
This allows us to look at what you would like to build and let you know how we can be of help to you.
Take that first step, phone 6760 3420 so you know you can get building!!!