Building Certification Services

The NCC is produced and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Australian Federal, State and Territory governments. The NCC contains technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures It covers such matters as structure, fire resistance, access and egress, services and equipment and certain aspects of health and amenity Buildwise Certification has developed expert knowledge on the NCC and can provide advice on your development in regards to complying with the NCC provisions.

The assessment of applications for Complying Development Certificates (CDC)
We can complete an assessment of your development to see whether it can be considered as Complying development. This is generally minor type development that meets predetermined standards provided by your council and contained within the council’s Local Environmental Plan, or State Environmental Planning policy Exempt and Complying 2008. The assessment process will involve an inspection of the site.

Throughout the course of construction there are a number of “critical stage inspections” which are required to ensure that the building works are satisfactory and comply with the conditions of approval, the Building Code of Australia and any relevant legislation or Australian standards.
An Occupation Certificate certifies that the building or nominated part of the building is suitable and safe to be occupied. The Occupation Certificate must be obtained from the (PCA) prior to the occupation of a new building or part of a building and also prior to commencing any change in building’s use.
Merv from Buildwise Certification possess extensive knowledge of all facets of the building industry and the Planning Act. Buildwise certification can provide you with advice for your development with reference to the National Construction Code and any relevant Australian Standards.
NCC reports involve the assessment of a particular building in regards to the Building Code of Australia. These reports will indicate the Building’s compliance with the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia.
A construction certificate must be obtained before building work or subdivision work authorised by a development consent is carried out. A construction certificate is issued when plans and specifications of the proposed works are assessed to comply with conditions of the development consent, the Building Code of Australia and any relevant Australian Standards. ( At the current time Merv is only accredited as an A3 which means that only Class1 residential houses and Class 10 buildings Garages/sheds/pergolas/pools can be approved by Buildwise Certification)
A Principal Certifying Authority must be appointed prior to the commencement of any work. The PCA monitors the work in progress to enable the issue of an Occupation Certicate.
As an Owner Builder you may require additional assistance and advice concerning the progress of your development. Buildwise Certification staff members can provide this assistance and provide you with up-to-date advice on the technical issues that may cause you concern.
my-pool-inspections-logo-smallSwimming pool compliance will be compulsory as of 29/4/2016 for all properties with pools that will be sold. It will probably be made compulsory thru Councils awareness processes. We have partnered with My Pool Inspections to provide a detailed inspection report on what deficiency if any your pool has and when all defects are rectified we will register and provide a compliance report.