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Frequently Asked Questions2016-10-26T01:53:09+11:00
Why use Buildwise Certification?2016-10-26T01:53:09+11:00
  • Buildwise certification offer more personalised service than council and other private certifiers we live and work locally and will try to achieve the best outcomes for you and the building project, we can offer the full service from assessment to approval and finalization of the building project.
  • We have a wide coverage throughout northern NSW and are prepared to travel anywhere in NSW.
  • We strive to provide a reliable, consistent and efficient service.
  • Our prices are competitive.
What are the advantages of using Buildwise Certification over Council?2016-10-26T01:53:09+11:00
  • Avoid unnecessary delays that may be encountered with Council.
  • We provide a more personalised service. * We respond to the needs of our clients much faster”.
  • We will process applications for Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates much faster if applicants provide all the necessary information as required and outlined in the application forms.
Who will be processing my application?2016-10-26T01:53:09+11:00

All applications are processed by Merv Prendergast a suitably qualified and insured Accredited Certifies with A3 accreditation.

What is A3 Accreditation?2015-12-04T11:37:40+11:00

All Certifies both Council and Private must be certified by the Building professionals Board and A3 is an Accrediation to certify residential Class1 and Class 10 building works. Please visit the link below for more information. If your application is outside the accreditation of Buildwise certification we have contacts with other Private Certifies and would be only too happy to liaise with them for you, in some cases Buildwise certification may still do the critical stage inspections.

How do I go about arranging a quote?2015-12-04T11:38:19+11:00

Contact our office  via phone, email or fax for a free, no obligation Fee Proposal. To complete the Fee Proposal we will require a copy of the Architectural Plans and a copy of the Development Consent if applicable.

What documents are required to be submitted with my application?2015-12-04T11:38:58+11:00

In the Documents Section of this website are Construction Certificate and Complying Development Certificate Checklists. These identify the documents that need to be provided with your application.

When can construction work begin on my site?2015-12-04T11:39:30+11:00

Construction work can begin two days after a Construction/Complying Development Certificate has been issued and sent to Council with the “Notice of Commencement of Building Work”.

Do I need to contact Council prior to the Commencement of works on my site?2015-12-04T11:40:07+11:00

Yes, we will send a copy of your Construction Certificate and Notice of Appointment of the Principal Certifying Authority to Council, however recent changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, require the property owner to provide two day’s notice to both the Council and the Principal Certifying Authority prior to the commencement of works.

How do I arrange a Critical Stage Inspection?2015-12-04T11:40:41+11:00

Contact our office via phone, email or fax to arrange inspections. We can carry out the inspection within 48 hours  after it has been booked if the request has been received in our office prior to 3pm the day before we may be able to do the inspection the next day. It is advised that you liaise with your Builder prior to contacting the office to book the inspection.

How do I arrange for a refund of my Council Bond/Deposit once the works have been completed?2015-12-04T11:41:17+11:00

When the works have been fully completed, a Final Occupation Certificate will be issued. A copy of this certificate will be sent to the Applicant for the Job and also the Council. When Council receives their copy of this certificate they will automatically begin processing the refund. Please be advised that this may take several weeks.

What if I have lost the copy of my Occupation Certificate?2015-12-04T11:41:49+11:00
  • Once the Final Occupation Certificate has been issued, our records are finalised and the file is archived offsite.
  • We are happy to supply an additional copy of your Occupation Certificate but unfortunately this will incur an archive retrieval fee.