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Mervyn Prendergast, Partner

Merv has extensive experience in the assessment and inspectorial role of a Building Certifier / Building Inspector having completed his trade certificate in 1984 and then starting with council as a trainee health and building inspector in 1993. Merv has always been involved with the building industry and has worked with plumbers, electricians, refrigeration mechanics, engineers, surveyors and builders ( both licensed and owner builder). Merv spent 15 years in Local Government and knows the frustrations owners and builders face when dealing with Local Government.

Merv has a lot of respect for builders and other trades as well as an understanding and respect for those that wish to be owner builders, in saying this Merv has also earned the respect of all trades and citizens of councils where he has worked.

Merv has a Associate Diploma, Diploma in Applied Science (Health and Building), Certificate in Planning and many other short courses attendance certificates.

Sharon Prendergast, Partner

Sharon is busy with the administration and accounting side of the business. The office staff likes to ensure that all enquiries and messages are attended to without delay. The team at Buildwise Certification is dedicated to providing the most efficient and simplified service for its customers.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to phone our office and our friendly staff will do all they can to help.